Adrian Schoonmaker

Speaker – Coach – Pastor – Journalist

About Adrian Schoonmaker

Adrian & Joyce SchoonmakerA native of New England, Adrian Schoonmaker has spent more than two decades as a speaker, pastor, author, and consulting coach based on the East Coast. As Executive Pastor of Grace Community Church, Adrian gets to be a part of one of the Northeast’s most exciting ministry scenes, leading the staff and pastoral teams to serve thousands of worshipers in the Hudson Valley, 50 miles north of New York City.

Adrian loves building into leaders in every season of their journey–seasoned leaders, emerging leaders, or anywhere in between. As a member of the Senior Leadership team at Slingshot Group, Adrian gets to work with pastors and ministry directors across the country in coaching and building remarkable teams. Adrian also leads ministry to many athletes, cadets and officers at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Adrian majored in Pastoral Ministry at the University of Valley Forge (PA), earned two master’s degrees in Journalism and Practical Theology from Regent University (VA), and is completing a doctorate in Leadership & Ministry Management at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Chicago). He is ordained with the Assemblies of God. He has had the joy of ministering and traveling through 17 nations, preaching and speaking on four continents.

Adrian and his wife, Jocelyn, live in Orange County, New York, with their six children: Lukas, Benjamin, Leilani, Emma Jayne, Lucy, and Sawyer. They love exploring NYC as a family, road tripping anytime they can, and finding new bike trails in the Hudson Highlands.

4 thoughts on “About Adrian Schoonmaker

  1. Great! Enjoyed it…not familiar with all the ministries, but would be interesting to discuss! good seeing you yesterday Age…has been too long since we sat down and just talked. Wish I’d had more time…will have to get together after little Leilani arrives!
    Love to you and family,

  2. Yes, Adrian, good reading what you have to say on your website. Your way with words inspires me in many wayys . . . to keep reading, to listen carefully, and to examine my thinking and adjust it according to what the Lord is telling me. You also inspire me to write better. Hope to get the chance to speak with you soon.


    PS: Your children are just as beautiful as your mother says they are.

    Pastor Jarrod is the epitome of a public inspirational leader who speaks to people’s hearts and leads them to Jesus. Pastor Adrian is the epitome of a leader who develops a follower’s private worship, bringing the saved closer to Jesus. Together Jarrod and Adrian operate as the “Grace Church Master Gardeners”. Jarrod sows the seeds of faith and Adrian nurtures the young sprouts to spiritual maturity. Jarrod continually inspires us to recommit and Adrian brings the tools required to do the private work of study, worship and growth. Together Jarrod and Adrian masterfully lead us in our habit of dedication to purposeful study. This type of worship is key to a rich life of following closer and closer to God. Seeds sown in shallow soil never develop roots and will wither and die. Seeds sown in rich soil develop deep roots and prove fruitful. Daily worship and purposeful study of God’s word are to the Christian as water, sun and soil are to the plant. Jarrod and Adrian are master gardeners!

    “But those that were sown on the good soil are the ones who hear the word and accept it and bear fruit, thirtyfold and sixtyfold and a hundredfold” Mark 4:20

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