We are horrified by what took place in Virginia this past weekend. Just before moving to New York, my wife and I lived in Charlottesville for years, where we ministered to Nepalese refugees and worshipped in a church focused on celebrating ethnic diversity in advancing the gospel. In fact, I am driving to Charlottesville this week to officiate an interracial marriage ceremony for a Christian couple who deeply love Jesus.

Today a congregant asked me to share my heart about what happened in Charlottesville. I do not have words as incisive as many godly leaders who have spoken in recent hours. So I have borrowed from them in my following response:

God’s Word definitively denounces every form of racism—including any kind of white supremacy—as antithetical to his Word, his design, his character, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. One main effect of the gospel is to shatter the racial barriers that separate people (Gal. 3:28; Eph. 2:14-18), so it is an egregious sin to do anything to support those barriers. We renounce and repudiate white supremacy—and any form of racial, ethnic hatred—as evil and a scheme of the devil. The Scripture celebrates God’s creating of “one new man” as a new humanity in Christ to be a truth that is central to Christ’s gospel (Eph. 2:13-15). If we do not celebrate this truth, we have not tasted the salvation accomplished by Christ. The ideology of racial superiority is an evil anti-gospel that leads to eternal death.

Claims of racial superiority—and mainly that means claims of white superiority—are heresy. It leads to a denial of the gospel of Jesus Christ. A claim of white superiority is not merely wrong, and not merely deadly. It is a denial of the glory of God in creating humanity—every single human being—in his own image. It is a rejection of the gospel of Christ. You cannot preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and hold to any notion of racial superiority. It is impossible.

White nationalism is not just a deviant social movement. It is the same old idolatry of the flesh, the human being seeking to deify his own flesh and blood as God. White supremacy does not merely attack our society and the ideals of our nation; white supremacy attacks the image of Jesus Christ himself. White supremacy exalts the creature over the Creator, and the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against it. White supremacy is terrorism, but more than terrorism. White supremacy is Satanism. Even worse, white supremacy is a devil-worship that often pretends that it is speaking for God.

Genesis 1:27 makes clear that God has created all men and women in his image. Revelation 7 tells us that one day men and women from every nation, every tribe, every people, and every language are going to gather around God’s throne and give him worship. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

The words above are compiled from: David Platt, Russell Moore, Tim Keller, and Albert Mohler.