"Those who say religion has nothing to do with politics do not know what religion is."--Mahatma Gandhi
“Those who say religion has nothing to do with politics do not know what religion is.”–Mahatma Gandhi

After many months of election cycle saturation, you may feel like me… that you’ve heard the same angles, analyses, and observations 100 times over. Let’s vote already!

Meanwhile, since we still have almost 5 months to wait, I offer here 5 voices with thoughts that may be new to you. Most of them are excellent writers and excellent thinkers. I suggest their articles are worth your consideration. Some powerful and provocative material here.

First, a book released this year, by the bestselling author Stephen Mansfield: Ask the Question: Why We Must Demand Religious Clarity from Our Presidential Candidates. The foreword, which will remind you of Ben Affleck’s 2012 film Argo, was written by a longtime hero of mine, who I had the joy of meeting when I was 19 years old: Oxford University’s David Aikman, former Senior Correspondent and Station Chief for Time magazine. Early in the book, Mansfield quotes Mahatma Gandhi, who sums up the text nicely: “Those who say religion has nothing to do with politics do not know what religion is.”

Second, an article by McKay Coppins, one of Forbes magazine’s “30 under 30” media pundits, a senior political writer for BuzzFeed News. If you are an evangelical, like me, you may feel rightfully put to shame by the Mormon community upon reading this stellar piece: “Donald Trump’s Mormon Problem.” Don’t get too hung up on the pornography and adultery that you miss the point on religious freedom.

Third, an op-ed by Nobel Prize-winning columnist and professor of economics, Paul Krugman. I imagine there is little that he and I agree on, and that’s okay. It doesn’t change how powerfully insightful are his recent thoughts in “Hillary and the Horizontals.” In short, Krugman explains how this election in front of us will not be a battle of ideas, but “an election about identity.” He couldn’t be more right: Read “Hillary and the Horizontals.”

Fourth, an article from an Oklahoma professor of English, Alan Noble, who is also editor-in-chief of the magazine Christ and Pop Culture. Noble addresses well the false election dichotomy currently resounding through the culture. When you’re part-way through the read, and you conclude, “Like I thought… he’s simply advocating a write-in candidate”… That’s your clue that you’re about to miss the main point. Keep reading! And watch for his call to prophetic action. Read “Voting for Donald Trump Is Not the Only Conservative Option.”

Finally, another opinion piece from a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, a man who has served in the last three Republican administrations. Peter Wehner contributes regularly to the New York Times, where this article appeared: “What Wouldn’t Jesus Do?” His words on exposing hypocrisy are well-put, and a provocative reminder to conservative Christians to reevaluate: Which are they first… conservatives or Christians?

Happy reading.