cross and crescentIn 2003, TIME magazine named Dr. Albert Mohler the “reigning intellectual of the evangelical movement in the U.S.”  Just before Christmas (2015), Mohler published a deeply important article, entitled “Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?” I share below a few of the more striking passages from that piece. For those who have wrestled with this question, I recommend Mohler’s thoughts to you. The link is provided down below.

One of the most helpful points that Mohler makes is this: The earliest leaders of the Christian Church, including disciples of Jesus, considered the issue of Jesus’ identity to be so important that it required a clear division between two religions… as Mohler puts it, “the separation of the church and the synagogue.”

“Muslims deny that Jesus Christ is the incarnate and eternal Son of God, and go further to deny that God has a son,” writes Mohler. “The central Christian claim that Jesus is Israel’s promised Messiah and the divine Son become flesh led to the separation of the church and the synagogue as is revealed in the Book of Acts.”

“There is historical truth in the claim of ‘three Abrahamic religions,'” continues Mohler, “because Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all look to Abraham as a principal figure and model of faith. But this historical truth is far surpassed in importance by the fact that Jesus explicitly denied that salvation comes merely by being merely one of ‘Abraham’s children’ (John 8:39-59). He told the Jewish leaders who rejected him that their rejection revealed that they were not Abraham’s true sons and that they did not truly know God.”

Not surprisingly, the clear definitions conveyed by the New Testament have become further muddied by the Roman Catholic Church, especially in recent decades. Mohler states that “since Vatican II the Roman Catholic Church has become ever more explicit in its teaching that salvation can come without a conscious and explicit faith in Christ.” Yet, when looking at the sacred texts, “The Qur’an claims that to confess Jesus Christ as the divine Son and the second person of the Trinity is to commit blasphemy against Allah.”

Read the full article here: “Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?